Molotow acrylic paint marker on home depot paint chips. August, 2014

Anonymous asked:
hi how do you make your sticker? :)

hey there! i produce an image and print it on sticker paper i either find or buy at staples haha. it’s not that difficult, everyone should make stickers !


I bought these really amazing stickers from sundraws!

The owners name is Stephanie Orndorff, and she was nice enough to give me some little goodies! Her art is spectacular, if you’re looking for some cute stickers or just general good draws, you should really check her out.

(I also made a mistake with my address and she was /really/ helpful and kind; she even left me a little note on the back of a beautiful drawing :3)

wow this is the super cutest!!! i am so fortunate to be able to share art with so many internet cuties, thanks again lauren!!

Anonymous asked:
hi ily a lot


bunch of scanned drawings from the past few months :)